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Recordings as a Sideman

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Small Group CDs

  • Ben Wolfe "Murray's Cadillac" Planet Arts Label
  • Dick Oatts "Southpaw" Steeplechase Records
  • Gary Smulyan "The Real Deal" Reservoir Music
  • Ray Barretto "Time Was, Time Is"
  • Mark Sherman "One Step Closer"
  • Bill Heid " Da' Girl" Savant Records
  • Grant Stewart Qnt. "Downtown Sounds" Criss Cross 1085
  • Andy Fusco Qnt. "Out of the Dark" Criss Cross 1171
  • Walt Weiskopf Nonet "Siren" CC 1187
  • Walt Weiskopf Nonet "Song for My Mother" CC 1127
  • Jazz Underground "Live at Smalls" Impulse, IMPD245
  • Jack McDuff "Write On, Cap't" Concord Jazz 4568
  • Bill Heid "Dark Secrets" Savant 2033
  • Alex Graham "Countdown" School Kids Records 1559
  • Charles Davis Qnt. "Numero Uno" Independent
  • Jim Snidero Qnt. "The Music of Joe Henderson" Double Time Records
  • NY Hardbop Qnt. "The Clincher" TCB 95202
  • NY Hardbop Qnt. "Rokermotion" TCB 96352
  • NY Hardbop Qnt. "A Whisper Away" TCB
  • Ben Wolfe "Bagdad Theatre" Mons Records MR874-827
  • Ben Wolfe "13 Sketches" Mons Records
  • Jerry Weldon "Midtown Blues" Amosaya Music AM2535
  • Toshiko Akioshi "Night and Dream" CRCJ-9123
  • Toshiko Akioshi "Toshiko Plays Toshiko" Time Stream CRCJ9137
  • Laverne Butler "No Looking Back" Chesky Records JD91
  • Mike Melito "The Next Step"
  • Antonio Ciacca Quintet "Rush Life" Motema Records
  • Hiromi Kasuga "New York Calling"
  • Amit Golan Quintet "I Decided" Minton's Records
  • Marty Sheller Ensemble "Why Deny"
  • Pete Malinverni "Joyful!" Artists Share Records (Music for Jazz Quartet and Gospel Choir)
  • Mark Sherman "Family First"
  • Karen Sounders "I Wanna Be Around"
  • Joe Romano "JR - This is the Moment"
  • Ari Ambrose "On Another Day" Steeplechase Records
  • Frank Basile "Thursday the 12th"
  • Planet Jazz "In Orbit" Sharp Nine Records
  • Danny Barrett "Indian Summer"
  • New York Hard Bop Quintet "A Mere Bag of Shells" TCB Records
  • Antonio Ciacca "Autumn in New york" Splasc(h) Records
  • New York Voices "A Day Like This"
  • Gotham Jazz Orchestra "Quake"
  • Nina "New School" Rocketeria Records
  • Gary Smulyan "High Noon" Music of Frankie Lane Reservoir Records
  • Lene Cujé "Live at Smalls"
  • Dick Oatts "Gratitude" Steeplechase Records
  • La Flamme "Nocterna" Shiva Sound
  • Jane Monheit "Home"
  • Planet Jazz "Live at Smalls" Smalls Records
  • Nina "New School" RR MS 712
  • Akiko Tsuruga "Sakura" American Showplace Music
  • Juan Galiardo, w/ Jerry Bergonzi New Steps 3011
  • Tony Golman "A Life Long Love Affair"
  • Tobias Gebb "Free at Last" Yummy House Records
  • Mark Sherman "One Step Closer" CAP 991
  • Sue Giles "With Love from Sue" GJZ 0401
  • Sid Simmons "Keep the Faith"
  • Daniel Sadownick "There Will Be a Day"
  • Frank Basile "Thursday the 12th" FBM 001
  • Yul Bellestoros "121 park drive" Colorado Records
  • Dolores Mancuso "I Love Being Here With You" Dojo69
  • Alexey Kurochkin "Among Friends" Butman Music

Big Band CDs

  • Harry Connick Jr. "Songs I Heard" Columbia Records
  • Harry Connick Jr. "Harry for the Holidays" Columbia Records
  • Harry Connick Jr. "Only You" Columbia Records
  • Harry Connick Jr. "Oh My Nola"
  • Harry Connick Jr. "What a Night!" (Christmas Album)
  • Harry Connick Jr. "Your Songs"
  • Harry Connick Jr. ""Thou Shalt Not" (Broadway Musical Soundtrack)
  • Tom Harrell "Time's Mirror" BMG0902663524-2
  • Toshiko Akioshi "Live at Carnegie Hall" Columbia CK 48805
  • Toshiko Akioshi "Desert Lady Fantasy" Columbia CK 57856
  • Toshiko Akioshi "Four Seasons" BMG BVCJ-638
  • Toshiko Akioshi "Monopoly Game" BMG BVCJ-31003
  • Toshiko Akioshi "Tribute To Ellington" BMG BVCJ 34005
    Listen to Joe on Prelude to a Kiss
  • Lionel Hampton "90th Birthday Celebration" GEM Records CD128
  • Lionel Hampton "Cookin' in the Kitchen" Glad Hamp records GHCD1028
  • The Gothem Jazz Orchestra "Thought Trains" Connect The Dots Music
  • Buddy Rich Big Band "Burning For Buddy" Atlantic82699-2
  • Bill Mobley "New Light" Space Time Records
  • Danny D'Imperio "Big Bloviation" Vol 1 and 2 Rompin Records
  • Afro Jazz Orchestra at Lincoln Center "Noche Inolvidable"
  • Toshiko Akioshi Jazz Orchestra, "Live in Shanghai" pccy 30181
  • Earl MacDonald "re:VISIONS" DD0004

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